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Battel Bonfire Night 2002 was on Saturday 2rd November. We raised £2,600.00.

Some of these Photos were taken with a simple web-camera and are not of best quality but show various things relating to the bonfire event itself

This Guy was made for us by Becky From Robin Hood Bonfire Society. It was Later Put on a gibbet and hung on the top of the main Bonfire on the Battlefield.

This is the Scafolding for the Effigy. It measures 15 by 20 foot and the Effigy was placed on top on Saturday afternoon after being displayed on the Abbey Green in the Morning

At ten o'clock Friday morning over 100 barrier from Hastings Borough Bonfire Society was set-up around the Firesite to keep the crowds safe from all the fireworks.

In this picture you can see the gallows being hammered into place ready for the Guy. Due to the gallows being so well received, we will be making it a permanent feature to have the Guy swinging on the rope every year.

The Bonfire was about 18 to 20 foot tall when the guy was taken to his customary place. On the night as the fire was burning you could still see him swinging on the gibbet just like the old days.

On the Saturday we had a stall on the Abbey Green. On this we sold all Bonfire merchandising, this included Badges, T-shirts, sweatshirts, Baseball caps, Clocks and of course this years Programmes.

This year featured the first appearance of the 'Convict Bath' . This has been made to help with the collection so that no-one could have the excuse that they did not see a collector or could not get to one. On the night we had about 40 people with collecting buckets and boxes.

On the Abbey Green we now have a token Bonfire to carry on the proud tradition of the Battel Bonfire Boyes. In the past we always held the celebrations on the Abbey Green with the fireworks set-up right in front of the Abbey. Unfortunately, due to ever tighter safety restrictions, we had to move the celebrations to their new home on the Battlefield a few years ago.

Since the one of the motivating reasons behind the celebrations is the tradition of Bonfire we still have a small Bonfire on the Bullring. It is cordoned off to the public and, apart from marshalls, the only people allowed in are 12 Saxons to light the fire and throw on Roses in memory of past members that are no longer with us.

Here are the Torch carts in position for the Black Bogeys to take them to the back of the procession. These are used to pick-up all the torches discarded by the procession in the interest of safety and are then dumped on the fire at the end of the night.

On the night some of Battel wear Saxon costume and some wear our second outfit Convict. This banner is carried by the Battel '2nds', it shows Guy Fawkes dressed as a convict the same as us. In his hands go the torches to light the banner up.

On the Effigy are many little 'touches'. Here is 'Uncle Sam' with his shoes worn down after 'travelling the world sorting out other peoples problems' and missing Two Teeth that are shaped like two buildings.

Here it says the quote that the politicians are always proclaiming 'Are YOU with us?..'. As usual it can be taken many different ways.

The Boyes thought it would be nice to cheer people up with a smile just before blowing them up.

This is the initial sketch that the Effigy was then based on. Here you can see the Noose that he is holding and the Poodle with the Prime Ministers face.

This year we had a new banner being carried in the procession. This was designed and made by Dave (seen here modelling it) based on a heraldic design with the older style Sussex Arms.

In this picture you can see all that is left of the effigy after all the fireworks have finished.

Here you can see the effigy as it was displayed on the Abbey Green on the morning of the event. In the background are all the other bits and pieces also used that day.

Sunday is an important day as far as the cleaning-up is concerned. Everything has to be put back to normal ready for English Heritage to allow visitors to the site as part of the history of Battle.(The people at the back are actually working hard, except pete of course)

This year we had planned to carry an effigy of Guy Fawkes's head in the procession then blow it up around the fire, unfortunately due to the inclement weather it could not be used on the night, maybe next year.

Don't look, the head's naked. This is a picture taken before the head has had it's detailed coat of paint when it has just had the last undercoat of white put on.

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