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What is an Effigy? Well, a correct liturate meaning is a representation or image of someone or something. Later, it also refers to people disliked, and if you burn it or whatever, you do in public, you do it "in effigy". The idea it`s only for disliked people is a huge mistake, but it often does take that meaning.

To bonfire Boyes, an Effigy is a representation that is stuffed full of fireworks and blown up as a set piece, normally to end the nights events.
Since the term has a few meanings, it can be tricky to find out about old effigies. Currently, the oldest known Battle Effigy was in 1870 and was of a local murderer who made the news. This was a life-size likeness, like a guy, of the person and it was carried down the street on the procession. At the end of events, it was hung on a gibbet, stuffed full of fireworks and lit to end off the night. While Todays effigies are much bigger, this is basically the same thing. Some `non-set piece` effigies were used in them days, as they were just the likeness of a person that was carried down and thrown on the fire, but an Effigy is the set piece. For a while, Effigies became `tableau`, mostly just a large board with an image on it, alone with fireworks, but that was still basically the same thing. In the 70s, they became more what we know today, as a 3D large Papier-mâché, wire and wood sculptures. The theme for these Effigies range from Local topics to world topics, films or some bonfire related topics.

Denham Murder - 1870
Designer - ?
Street Collection - £?
On 22nd May, 1870, John Jones, a local blacksmith in the village of Denham was employed by Mr Emmanuel Marshall, However, this work was of so poor quality, that Mr Marshall refused to pay. In revenge, Mr Jones went to Marshall's home at Cheapside Lane and murdered Seven members of the Marshall Family, including three children under the age of 10, with a wood-chopper. He was later convicted and hanged at Aylesbury. It was also reported, that one small boy from the family was absent as he was being looked after else where ended up being adopted by a local policeman.

Unknown (Believed Guy Fawkes) - 1945
Designer - ?
Street Collection - £113
It is unknown what this effigy was and only a small black and white video clip of it going off has been found. It appears to be a Human Figure with a large stove pipe hat, possibly a version of Guy Fawkes. The Image currently shown is one of the best shots showing it as much as possible. Full details are only visible via looking at all frames of the video clip.

Unknown (Believed Guy Fawkes) - 1974
Designer - ?
Street Collection - £213
Made in Con-junction with Cliffe Society. (Seams to be new for this year)

Edward Heath & Margaret Thatcher - 1975
Designer - ?
Street Collection - £257
By 1974, Edward Heath himself, had become seen as a liability by many Conservatives MPs. While he resolved to remain the conservative leader, even after resigning as PM in 1974, and losing the 74 election, many felt it was time for a change. Since Enoch Powell had left the party, there was no clear challenger for leadership. Keith Joseph had ruled himself out of the running after some controversial statements he issued, but his close friend and ally, Margaret Thatcher, decided to join the race for leadership, along with Hugh Fraser. In the First ballot, Thatcher received 130 votes, Health had 119 and Fraser only 16. Since it wasn't a large enough majority to win, another ballot was needed, but after losing to second place, Health removed himself from the running. A couple of new people joined the running, and when the second race happened, Favourite William Whitelaw lost with only 79 votes compared to Thatchers 146.

Britannia - 1976
Designer - ?
Street Collection - £?

Silver Jubilee - 1977
Designer - ?
Street Collection - £370
The 6th February 1977 marked the 25th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's accession to the throne of Great Britain and it's lands.

Guy Fawkes - 1978
Designer - ?
Street Collection - £462
Generic Guy Fawkes.

Jimmy Carter - 1979
Designer - Max Blackman
Street Collection - £501
A lot happened to Jimmy Carter, President of the US and ex-Peanut farmer, in 1979. The Iran Hostage Crisis where 52 Americans were held hostage until 1981, with many negotiation attempts, the 1979 Energy Crisis, where oil exports were suspended from Iran & The Three Mile Island Accident, where a US Nuclear Power plant started to meltdown and Carter`s popularity started to take a dive.

Giant Apple - 1980
Designer - Max Blackman
Street Collection - £555
In 1980, large amounts of what were deemed 'Sub-standard' by the Apple action Committee, French Golden Delicious apples flooded the British market and lead to a major hit on sales and prices of English apples. This lead to reforming the Apple and Pear Development Council, who declared the 12th October as Apple Day and the first was held in 1980 (not to be confused with World Apple Day, first held in 1990, in October). One question asked by Mr Alfred Dubs (Later Baron) to the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Mr Peter Walker, on a meeting in the house of Commons (19th June 1980) was 'Does not the Minister have a greater responsibility to protect the British apple industry from subsidised French imports, which are neither golden nor delicious? They are plastic and tasteless.', to which Mr Walker replied 'I have no objection to that description of the product concerned. I share the hon. Gentleman's view about the superior quality of the British apple.'.

Prince Charles & Lady Diana`s Wedding - 1981
Designer - Max Blackman
Street Collection - £566
In 1981, Prince Charles Windsor married Lady Diana Spencer in St Pauls` Cathedral, London.

Guy Fawkes - 1982
Designer - Max Blackman
Street Collection - £700
Generic Guy Fawkes Effigy

Welcome to 1066 Country - 1983
Designer - Max Blackman
Street Collection - £1054
Done to highlight Battle as the Heart of `1066 Country`

Margaret Thatcher & Arthur Scargill - 1984
Designer - Max Blackman
Street Collection - £944
After Coal mining had been nationalised by Clement Attlee's Labour Government and managed by the National Coal Board, Mines had to be heavily subsidised. The Conservative government decided to close down many of the mines running at a major lost, which created a backlash from the National Union of Mineworkers, headed by Arthur Scargill

Ian Botham - 1985
Designer - Max Blackman
Street Collection - £1300
After becoming a famous name in 1981, Ian Botham was on the England team which beat Australia in the 1985 Ashes at the Oval, smashing his first ball over the bowlers head and right into the pavilion. Meanwhile, he publicity admitted smoking cannabis and was tried at Scunthorpe magistrates court, leading to a hundred pound fine and 63 day ban from playing.

Guy Fawkes - 1986
Designer - Max Blackman
Street Collection - £1216
Generic Guy Fawkes done as part of the believed '300 years' of Battel Bonfire.

Ronald Reagan - 1987
Designer - Max Blackman
Street Collection - £?
In 1987, US President Ronald Reagan ran into minor trouble. A report on his handling of the Iran-Contra affair showed that his Passive Management style had allowed his staff to mislead him about facts and the trade of arms to Iran in exchange for hostages held in the Lebanon and allowed the pursuit of a secret war against the Nicaraguan government. In March, Reagan publicly admit it was a mistake. Due to pressure from his advisers and his wife, he fired chief of Staff, Donald Regan for his involvement in the Iran-Contra affair and other matters, In June, Reagan gave which is felt to be his most well known speech, 'Mr Gorbachev, Tear down this wall', in relation to the Berlin Wall. Later, in December, Both Reagan and Soviet Premier, Mikhail Gorbachev, signed the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty, which eliminated 4% of the superpower`s Nuclear Arsenals and was the first treaty between the US and Soviet Union to destroy some of the nuclear weapons.

Letter to Guy Fawkes in Parliament - 1988
Designer - Max Blackman
Street Collection - £1400
In 1988, Postal workers held their first national strike in 17 years after they walked out on strike over bonuses being paid to recruit new workers in London and the South East. As a result, on the 31st of August, members of the Union of Communications workers walked out in protest and planned for a 24-hour stoppage. However, due to this strike, Royal Mail used temporary workers to clear the backlog of undelivered mail, this lead the union strikers to keep striking. By the 5th of September, it had grown and spread throughout the British mainland to a point where no Mail was being delivered. Because of this, and in order to ease the backlog, bosses of Royal Mail placed an embargo on delivery of all overseas mail. During Strikes, there were minor violent actions with three men being arrested in Liverpool. On the 13th September, union representatives came to a deal with Royal Mail Managers and ended the strike. By the end, about 150 Million undelivered letters and parcels had built up and mail deliveries remained unreliable for several weeks afterwards.

Batman - 1989
Designer - Max Blackman & Peter Thomsett
Street Collection - £1500
After the success of his film `Beetlejuice`, Tim Burton was hired as the director for the brand new Batman movie, written by Sam Hamm & Warren Skaaren, staring Michael Keaton as Batman and Jack Nicholson as the Joker

Saddam Hussein [Who`s Sane?] - 1990
Designer - Max Blackman
Street Collection - £?
When Saddam Hussein Invaded Kuwait, Edward 'Ted' Heath went to Baghdad in order to attempt to negotiate the release of some British aircraft passengers taken hostage. At the same time, due to the amount of oil fields in the area, there were major fears that the price of oil would sky rocket. These led to the first gulf war in August of 1990.

John Major & Neil Kinnock - 1991
Designer - Max Blackman
Street Collection - £2000
After replacing Mararget Thatcher without an election, John Major was holding out until improvements to the UK economy despite Neil Kinnock's calls for an immediate Election.

Nigel Mansell - 1992
Designer - Robert Staermose
Street Collection - £1900
Seen as his finest Season, Grand Prix racer, Nigel Mansell started the season with 5 victories in a row, a record held until 2004, and became the most successful British driver to date with 28 British Grand Prix wins.

Dinosaur from Jurassic Park - 1993
Designer - Robert Staermose
Street Collection - £2606
Debatably loosely based on the novel by Michael Crichton, Steven Spielberg directed the smash hit `Jurassic Park`, becoming the highest grossing feature film at the time with it's landmark use of computer effects mixed with animatronics to create the dinosaurs.

The Terminator - 1994
Designer - Robert Staermose
Street Collection - £?

French Nuclear Protester - 1995
Designer - Robert Staermose
Street Collection - £2503
France is known as one of the main countries with nuclear weapons and from 1966 to 1996, they carried out a total of 193 Nuclear `tests` in the pacific ocean. In 1995, the then president, Jacques Chirac, decided to run a test series at Mururoa Atoll, knowing that a ban on comprehensive nuclear tests was to be signed a year later. This caused worldwide protests and an embargo on French products.

Mad Cow [B.S.E.] - 1996
Designer - Robert Staermose
Street Collection - £2292
Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (B.S.E. Or Mad Cows disease) had a major break out in the UK in 1996 which lead to a ban on exports of any British Beef, despite then PM, John Major, attempting to get the ban lifted. It was finally removed in 2006. (This was the first year away from the Abbey Green. This was on the Battle Recreation ground)

Tinky Winky from Teletubbies - 1997
Designer - Robert Staermose
Street Collection - £?
While the controversy is often stated as happening in 1999, the year the Teletubbies preschool show launched, people decided that a male character carrying a bag that looked like a 'handbag' was a sexual reference and was secretly promoting homosexuality via their show. Later on, people decided that 'purple' was also a reference as it was a gay pride colour, and his triangle antenna was based on the gay pride 'triangle' symbol. (Bag not shown in image. This was also our first year on the Battlefield.)

Guy Fawkes - 1998
Designer - Mark Oldroyd
Street Collection - £2300
Generic Guy Fawkes Effigy

Darth Maul from Star Wars [The Phantom Menace] - 1999
Designer - Mark Oldroyd
Street Collection - £2870.72
Director George Lucas successfully attempted to relaunch his Star Wars film series with a prequel `Episode One: The Phantom Menace`. Despite many complaints, this was a hit and lead to a new wave of Star Wars, with new TV shows, Films, Toys and games.

Giant Street Camera [Big Brother] - 2000
Designer - Mark Oldroyd
Street Collection - £3000
Taking reference from George Orwell`s Novel, `Nineteen Eighty-Four`, where the Ingsoc Party, in charge of Oceania, rules with an iron fist and Cameras everywhere keeping everyone under complete surveillance, under the possible guise of `Big Brother`. This reference was taken by Dutch (and later various world wide) semi-reality show `Big Brother`. At the same time as it was raising to fame, Battle Town Council was installing new security cameras around Battle Town.

Football [England 5-Germany 0] - 2001
Designer - Mark Oldroyd
Street Collection - £3126
While the England football team had met the Germany football fairly often, The English side had last beaten Germany in a world Cup match in 1966. After years of losing to them, England finally beat them again in 2001 with a score of 5-1 at the Olympiastadion in Munich.

Uncle Sam - 2002
Designer - Mark Oldroyd
Street Collection - £2600
Despite most of the country being against them, PM Tony Blair followed US President George W. Bush into a war with Iraq which is still running into 2011. A year before, in 2002, the build up was growing as George W. Bush was getting geared up to attack with Blair giving support.

Saruman the White [Lord of the Rings] - 2003
Designer - Mark Oldroyd
Street Collection - £5023.63
Done to Celebrate the end of the Lord of the Rings Saga`s latest film adaptation

R.I.P. Free Speech - 2004
Designer - Mark Oldroyd
Street Collection - £5240.09
After Firle bonfire society got into trouble for the use of free speech, we did this to show that free speech seemed to have died.

The Plot in Fireworks - 2005
Designer - Mark Oldroyd
Street Collection - £5575.44
2005 was the year that marked 400 years since the 1605 Gunpowder plot. This effigy features the heads of the main conspirators in the plot with Guy Fawkes himself in the front.

Tony Blair & Gordon Brown [Punch and Judy Show] - 2006
Designer - Mark Oldroyd
Street Collection - £5423.5
In 2006 there was a lot of fuss within the Labour government as Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were putting on a Punch and Judy show while fighting over the leadership of the labour party, which ended with Tony Blair being 'ousted' as Prime Minster and leader, and replaced by Gordon Brown.

Housing Development in Battle - 2007
Designer - Mark Oldroyd
Street Collection - £5816.05
As part of the Blackfriars development Proposals, an approx 270 new houses were planned at Battle, much to the dislike of many of the town folks and some councillors. Not only was it feared it would make the high street congestion, which can be bad at times, even worse, but the plans had already changed from 'no more than 204 to 290, which created more dislike. Local councillors also stated that if that many new houses were built, they would require a second primary school, something which Rother District Council didn't co-operate with. At the same time, the new 'Wheelie' bins plan came into force, making 100s initially unhappy with what was deemed as 'ugly' bins being forced into their gardens.

Sarah Palin - 2008
Designer - Mark Oldroyd
Street Collection - £3292.71
American Presidential elections had a lot more fuss then normal when two main front runners came to the head, Barak Obama and Sarah Palin.

Swine Flu - 2009
Designer - Mark Oldroyd
Street Collection - £4844.42
In 2009, the Second H1N1 Influenza Pandemic happened (the first being in 1918). Commonly known as 'Swine Flu', this version of H1N1 was unlike the previously strains as it was not mostly infecting adults older then 60, as was the characteristic feature of the 1918 pandemic. Even Previously healthy people could contact it. The Outbreak is believed to have started off in Veracruz, Mexico, however the Mexican Government failed to contain the virus and it spread globally. By November of 2009, the Number of cases tapered off with the end of the pandemic being announced officially in August 2010. Despite the name, Swine flu had no connection with Pork or Pork based Products, though a strain it was derived from, had lived in pigs.

70th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain - 2010
Designer - Mark Oldroyd
Street Collection - £4060.46
During the summer and autumn of 1940, the German Air Force (the Luftwaffe) waged an air campaign to try and gain superiority over the Royal Air Force (RAF) and Fighter Command. The Campaign was the first major campaign to be fought entirely by Aerial forces and to date, is the largest aerial bombing campaign. At first, the targets shipping convoys and centres, within a month, they changed to targeting RAF airfields and infrastructures, later attacking Aircraft Factories, ground infrastructures before targeting political areas and using terror tactics. Germany failed to achieve its objectives and is seen as the first major defeat and a major turning point in the war.

Ad-buse of the World - 2011
Designer - Caitlin Mascord
Street Collection - £5870.45
While there was always a lot of debate about some of the stories and information in the News of the World, in 2005 to 2007, investigations into phone hacking activities were done. At the time, it was believed to be limited to celebrities, politicians and members of the Royal Family, but in July 2011, it was found that the phones of a murdered schoolgirl, relatives of deceased British soldiers and victims of the 7/7 London Bombings were also hacked. As more and more scandals broke, and members of the staff were arrested, the Newspaper printed their final issue and stopped printing. In other news, 2011 marked 90 years of the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal, 20 years since the first game appearance of a popular Blue Hedgehog and a Local Battle resident won £17.7 Million on the Lotto Jackpot.

Boris Johnson - 2012
Designer - Mark Oldroyd
Street Collection - £2151.13
Boris Johnson came under some criticism when, as London Mayor, he was shown to be very much against the plans for a New runway at Heathrow, against the view of his party, But he was backing a new airport to be build in the Thames Estuary, nicknamed 'Boris Island'.

A 'Bonfire' Saxon on the Battle Field - 2013
Designer - Hannah & Jason Griffiths
Street Collection - £2634.25
In response to the damage caused on the Abbey Battlefield by the Re-enactment in 2012, the Field and a few meters of soil was wasted which lead to the field being unusable for some time. A local amateur historian tried again with his claims about the real site of the Battle of Hastings and tried to get English Heritage to rescind the protective status. After a Time Team investigation proved nothing either way, nothing was done about this status.

Olaf [Frozen] - 2014
Designer - Jason Griffiths & Mark Oldroyd
Street Collection - £3300
In 2013, Disney finally released there long awaited Film based on “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Anderson. However, despite the original intent, the film, renamed 'Frozen' was turned into a much nicer affair the Disney staff felt the original classic was too dark a story for a childrens film. It was also decided to make the Snow Queen into more of a Hero then a villain and to scrap all hand drawn work done at various stages in favour of CGI. The Film was a huge hit in the cinema's and when it was released for home release in early 2014 The Effigy also parodied the often parodied and quoted song 'Let it go' from the Film, with the lines 'Let it blow' and 'Let it gone'.

Volkswagen T2 Camper van with David Cameron - 2015
Designer - Jason Griffiths
Street Collection - £3618.33
In 2011, the European Commission's joint research centre published a report which found that all tested diesel vehicles emited a far higher amount of dangerous emessions then was on the Euro 3-5 Emission limit. In 2014, the ICCT (International Council on Clean Transportation) did there own study and found while the BMW X5 had no issues, there were emission discrepancies on the two Volkswagen diesel vechicles, the Passat and the Jetta. Later in 2014, an American group of Scientists did some tests on the same cars and found the BMW at or below standard levels, but the Jetta and Passat were far above level limits for both European and U.S. Standards. It also seamed some software had been tweaked on the emission controls. In September of 2015, the EPA issed a notic of Violation to the Volkswagen Group alleging that about 480,000 VW and Audi automobiles with the 2-litre TDI engine sold between 2009 and 2015 had specially written engine management firmware which allowed better fuel economy but emitted up to 40 times more nitrogen oxies than allowed by law. While the Volkswagen group had insisted it was mere technical glitches since 2014, a scandal broke and when presented with evidence and the EPA withholding approval for the 2016 Volkswagen and Audi Diesel models, finally acknowledged that they had manipulated the emision tests. CEO Martain Winterkorn, how was in charge since 2008, admitted they have broken the trust of the customers and the public and it was a mistake of a few people. Despite resisting calls to step down, he finally did on the 23rd of September 2015. VW America CEO Michael Horn repiled that “We've totally screwed up” and said that he believed the people who allowed this to happen and made the decision to install the software had acted criminally and must be held personally acountable. It was later claimed that VW's top management had been aware of the software's use since 2007, and Bosch, who provided the software fr testing, warned VW that it would be illgeal to use the software in order to avoid emissions compliance during normal Driving. At the end of September, VW announced planns to refit up to 11 million vechicles affected, which include 5 million Vws, 2.1 million Audios, 1.2 million Skoda and 700,000 SEAT. On the 3rd November, it was revealed that CO2 emissions and fuel consumtion figures were also affected which also affected some petrol models. Meanwhile yet more news come out explaining come more details of David Cameron's publicly admitted 'wild days' at Eton colleage, in the form Lord Ashcroft's heavily criticized book 'Call me Dave', which has been condemned by many for featuring factual errors and lack of evidence in an effort to tarnish David Cameron's reputation due to declining Ashcroft for a significant position in government. However, it appears to have helped make someone seen as a bland 'John Mayor' type into what is seen as a more interesting person.

1066 950th Anniversary - 2016
Designer - ?
Street Collection - £3872.51

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