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When watching a Procession, people often see a wide range of colourful and not-so colourful costumes being worn and sometimes, they miss the banner and don`t know who is who. Here is a list of all current societies and their costumes of choice, however, sometimes the odd people dress up in other things.

Battel has 2 main costumes. Our `home` costume, is that of a Anglo-Saxon. This is worn for our links to the Battel of Hastings in 1066. Our second `away` costume is that of a Convict. This is because of a couple of reasons, dating back to Rye Bonfire in 1983, when there was a bit of trouble, so battel was given a police escort, leading to comments along the lines of `we are being treated like a bunch of convicts`, thus we started to wear the old fashioned convict suits, which are Havana Brown, with Black `Arrow` prints on a two part Jacket-trouser outfit.

In the last 20 years, the art and effort of making more fancy costumes has died down and a number of societies either only have a simpler `Jumper` outfit (Often claiming it to be Traditional Bonfire outfit or a Smugglers outfit, neither fact is correct) or an easy to make outfit, like Battel`s Convict outfit.

Society Costumes
Barcombe Bonfire Society Red & Black Striped Jumpers
Battel Bonfire Boyes Saxons &/or Convicts
Borough Bonfire Society Zulus, Colonials &/Or Blue & White Striped Jumpers
Burgess Hill Bonfire Society Aztecs &/or Black & Green Striped Jumpers
Chailey Bonfire Society Black Rugby Shirts
Cliffe Bonfire Society Vikings &/or Black & White Striped Jumpers
Commercial Square Bonfire Society Union Soldiers of the United States &/or Yellow & Black Striped Jumpers
Crowborough Bonfire & Carnival Society Matadors
East Hoathly & Halland Bonfire Society Cowboys
Eastbourne Bonfire Society Pirates &/or Striped Jumpers
Ewhurst & Staplecross Bonfire Society Clowns
Firle Bonfire Society Valencians &/or sailors &/or dark blue and gold striped jumpers
Fletching Bonfire Society Beefeaters
Hastings Borough Bonfire Society Red, Blue & Gold Striped Jumpers, Black Faces &/or Customs & Excise or top hat and tails
Lindfield Bonfire Society Navy Blue & white Striped Jumpers
Littlehampton Bonfire Society Indians
Mayfield Bonfire Society French Revolution &/or Saxons
Nevil Juvenile Bonfire Society Green & White Striped Jumpers
Newick Bonfire Society Cavaliers &/or Black & Red Striped Jumpers
Ridgewood Bonfire Society Red & White Striped Jumpers
Robertsbridge Bonfire Society Hooded Monks in Black and White Robes
Robin Hood Bonfire Society Voodoo with Black cloak, half Black-half White faces
Rotherfield & Mark Cross Bonfire Society Egyptians
Rye Bonfire Society Dr Syn type Smugglers &/or Red & Black clothes
Southstreet Bonfire Society Guy Fawkes &/or brown and white Striped Jumpers
South Heighton Bonfire Society Royal blue & yellow Striped Jumpers
Uckfield Bonfire Society Crusade Knights
Vines Cross Bonfire Society Shamen
Waterloo Bonfire Society Genghis Khan type &/or Red & White Striped Jumpers
Whatlington Renegades Herne type
Who the devil are we Devils & Angels

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